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vesterhavet the beaches of denmark


nordic house spa

About the spa

Nordic House Spa is owned and operated by Miechelle, a licensed massage therapist. This spa has been her dream and she is excited to help you.  NHS is a spa where we treat your whole person. Wellness is the focal point of any

visit whether you come for a mental break or a therapeutic Oncology session.

Your visit will center around the Danish concept of Hygge.


What is Hygge?

Hygge is a state of mind experienced by yourself or shared with loved ones. It is a sense of coziness and peace; an appreciation of slowing down and living in the present with your piece of cake, or the book you’re reading, or the breeze whispering in your hair, or the smiles shared between friends over a silly story.


It is savoring the small moments in a busy life.

We Specialize in Oncology Massage, Lymphedema and Plastic Surgery Recovery

Oncology Massage is specially adapted to Cancer Survivors, whether still in treatment or long term survivors.

We adapt to accommodate for pressure and direction to prevent onset of lymphedema in an at-risk group and to provide massages suited for clientele with ports, low immunity and other common effects of cancer treatment.


For clients with lymphedema we now offer "Complete Decongestive Therapy" (CDT), the gold standard in lymphedema treatment.

Plastic Surgery Recovery can book individual sessions and Package to help them in their Aftercare needs. 



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