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Ask a Massage Therapist

Do you have a question about massage? Maybe there's something you're unsure about that has held you back from experiencing a professional massage? Here is the answer to another common question about massage therapy and spa etiquette.

Should I tip my massage therapist? If so, how much?

Yes! Please do. If your session was just "okay," 10% is an appropriate tip. If you are a gracious receiver of a massage you enjoyed, 15-20% is a standard percentage to tip. If you feel the massage therapist fully addressed all your needs and you had a really good time, you can tip up to 25%. Essentially, tip like you would your hairdresser. The ultimate gratuity, of course, is booking your next massage.

If you think about it in terms of how massage therapists are paid, it varies depending on what kind of establishment you've gone to. Regardless of the listed price, massage therapists working for others are paid between $17-$30 for a massage. Some are paid for the time they spend at work not actively massaging a client, but some are not. Massage therapists with private practices are small business owners with all the expenses that entails--overheads, insurance, license fees, and taxes. Massage therapists are skilled professionals who have studied and trained to get where they are, and many pursue additional training beyond the basics. It is common for the additional training to be in a field adjacent to medicine, that is, massage practice for treating injuries, diseases, or long-term hospital patients. It is not a bad idea to be aware of these factors when considering how much to tip your massage therapist.

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