• Miechelle Hwang

Best Essential oils to boost your immune system to fight off the winter chills

Lavender! Lavender has long been used in wellness and is often the most sought after scent by clients. It has a sweet floral scent that is very calming but also has warmth to it.

In 2016 study, postpartum women using Lavender Essential oil had lower anxiety and stress link .

Frankincense is an old Chinese medicine remedy used for many things and it's known to lower blood pressure and help boost immune system. Research from 2013 shows it may help with the side effect of some chemo therapy treatments link .

Roman chamomile

Like other chamomiles, it's an old household remedy for the sleep deprived. Many sleepy-time teas contains chamomile or roman chamomile. Research on insomnia from 2011 shows that chamomile may be effective in staying asleep longer and calmly reaching REM sleep for more beneficial sleep, and better sleep equals better health.

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