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Fitness and Wellness Go Hand In Hand

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Happy New Year! Is getting fit on your list of resolutions this January? Did you sign up for a new gym membership but worry you won't make it to February? Soothe your sore muscles and keep your spirits up with a massage from Nordic House Spa! Adding massage to your fitness regimen is a sure way to speed your recovery, give you more energy, and help you maintain the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier you by signing up for that exercise class! We can help you stay on top of your gym motivation and keep you going back for more. After changing exercising habits, many people feel sore and have long recovery times, deterring them from coming back to the gym.

Massage can help—it reduces recovery time!

In fact, one hour of massage is equivalent to seven hours of sleep, and it is during sleep that the body heals. Massage can help you stretch those tight muscles you forgot to stretch post-workout, and massage therapists can catch muscle knots also called adhesions before they become tight and painful. Massage after physical activity reduces injuries and inflammation, and it improves circulation and endurance. This will help you maintain your body's well-being and keep you sticking to your exercise plan. And did you know that massage also has mental health benefits?

A massage is not just relaxing and good for pain of the body, it is good for your spirit and mental health. A happier you is more likely to stay motivated about going to the gym, as well as sticking to any other healthy lifestyle changes you've put on your new year's resolution list.

Here is a special offer for you to jump start your wellness in 2019!

Five one-hour massage sessions, one per week!!

Normal price $375, Your special price $300

Sign up by January 6th.

Clients who enjoy this special package can renew it on a monthly basis.

With the 20% discount continuing when buying bundles for the whole month

This offer can only be purchased in person on location please call in advance or email me

Contact Here

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