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Global Wellness Day

What do you do to keep yourself happy, healthy, and energized? Do you exercise—maybe you run, swim or do yoga? Do you focus on eating well, with a diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains? Some people focus on wellness by meditating, spending time with family, reading a good book, or listening to great music. You can even promote wellness by taking a nap, since being well rested has a great effect on your health and energy level!

June 8th, 2019 is Global Wellness Day, a day devoted to encouraging everyone to beat back the blues with a variety of healthy, active, and meditative techniques. Started in Turkey in 2012, Global Wellness Day urges us to recognize the value of our lives, make peace with ourselves, and live the healthiest way we can.

This website is a great place to see what others are doing in 2019 for global wellness day

We at Nordic House Spa would like to remind you that getting a massage is a great way to do all of those things! Massage is great for your mental health, allowing you to relax, let go of stress and anxiety, and live in the moment. Massage is also great for the body—it aids the body in healing, promotes good circulation, and leaves the body feeling rested. Remember, one hour of massage has the same effect on your body as seven or eight hours of good sleep! Even simple human touch is good for you, it lowers blood pressure, helps release endorphins, and lowers depression.

Thinking about yoga? Massage also includes stretching! In the mood to meditate? Massage encourages a relaxed mental state too. Want to take a nap? Massage can be even more relaxing than a nap, and it feels great too! Plus, you get to listen to soothing music, your muscles get worked out, and at the end you get a glass of water to refresh and replenish. Global Wellness Day checklist, complete!

For your day of wellness, consider getting a massage. Maybe even make it part of your wellness routine! Be kind to yourself, and have a great day.

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