• Miechelle Hwang

How to help local business in covid-19 lockdown.

Many small businesses have been advised to close down to protect the public during the current crisis.

Many of these small one-man-operated businesses rely on regular income to pay rent and personal expenses as the business is the person.

So how can you help make sure these businesses are able to survive and open up after the crisis, so you and others can enjoy them again?

Nordic House Spa is happy to make a gift card for you.

You send us an email for the amount you’d like to purchase for.

We will send you an invoice via Square.

Once you have paid, we’ll send you an email with a beautiful printable pdf file.

You can print it for a loved one or use it for yourself on a later date.

Remember we always extend a $5 discount on ALL still-in-treatment oncology massages. These services are already highly discounted. A 60 minute oncology massage is just $65.

I’m sure many other Spas and hair salons are practicing similar offers.

Help your favorite relaxing getaways stay in business so we can help you relax and de-stress after the crisis.

EMAIL us to buy Gift-cards


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