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How to Turn Your Massage From Good to Great

If you've had massages before, you know that some massage therapists will begin by asking you to take a deep breath. Sometimes they will do compressions down your back to your sacrum over the blanket before starting the rest of the massage. Why?

Your therapist is grounding in! To give you the most focused and relaxing massage possible, therapists enter a form of meditative state, where we are hyper-focused on breathing, movement, and your muscles. The breathing and compressions help therapists enter that focused state where we can give full attention and care to your muscles.

We invite you to join this relaxed start with us. Next time you get a massage, take deep breaths throughout the experience. Steady deep breathing is relaxing and grounding, and will help you get the most out of your massage. Let your mind drift, and try not to think about your to-do list or the worries of everyday life. Be present, in your body and in the moment.

One way you can do this is by counting your breaths. We recommend a 3-second inhale, hold for 3 seconds, exhale for 3, and hold for 3 seconds. Try to feel the muscles move as we loosen them; see if you can feel the knots come loose. And please feel free to fall asleep--we take it as a compliment when you snore!

Participating in your massage through deep breathing and being present in your body will elevate your massage experience. We hope your next massage is the most relaxing one yet!

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