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Intimacy after cancer event

Dignity Healthy put together a great event on May 22nd of this year.

Intimacy after cancer, focused on how to accept your new normal, after undergoing treatments for cancer. How to get back in tune with feeling touch and how intimate touch doesn’t have to be what it used to be. There was a great speaker Fran Fisher RN, PhD who used to be a NUN and now is a specialized therapist.

Great vendors were present, with products to ease the transition and help get better help faster when you get stuck on your own journey.

Nordic house Spa was present to talk about Oncology Massage and how Platonic, caring touch like massage can help you understand your new body.

Massage can help you transition back from procedural touch to more caring touch. This is not in any way a sexual massage or even sensual. It is a normal Massage to easy pain, in a safe and controlled manner.

For some cancer survivors even platonic touch like a hug or holding hands, a stroke on the back is too much, it can be hard for the loved ones and care takes to truly understand and give space for the survivor to find a footing for them self. Before inviting loved ones back in their personal safe space.

If you find the right Therapist, you will be in a safe environment where, you can talk about your boundaries and experiences without being judged or having expectations too meet. You set the pace.

A transition could look like this.

Session one. 30 min talk about boundaries and establishing trust and connection.

30 min light massage over clothes on back and arms hands, and neck with many still holds.

Session too: 10 min talk to recap if any changes to accommodate for.

50 min massage over clothes on back, arms, hands, legs, bare feet neck, face and scalp.

Session three: 10 min recap

50 min massage with lotion, on back, arms neck, scalp, and feet.

NOTE: NEVER undress beyond your comfort level, many clients prefer leaving under garments on, and unless you are doing specific glute (large muscle groups in butt-cheeks) work (which can still be done through clothes and sheets, a massage therapist does not need access in that area.

Session four: Full Body massage.

Read more About Oncology Massage HERE

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