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Mothers day Special

Treat your mom for mother’s day!

We have 15% off for the whole month of May!

On our entire menu! Including oncology massage services and gift cards (gift cards can only be purchased on location, Please email us before showing up so we can have it ready for you miechellecmt@gmail.com)

We recommend the “Rise like a Phoenix” Spa packages for your Mum.

It includes a full dry-brushing session and mom gets to keep the brush for use at home, to continue the health benefits of dry-brushing

Dry-brushing is followed by a 60 min massage with rice oil infused with orange or cedar-wood oils, to renew the skin and calm any redness or irritation from winter dryness, \

Normal price $100

With our MAY MuM special discount its only $75

add hot stones for $10 or a Calming Face massage with Lade rollers and essential oils for $20

Read our scrub benefit post on here on the blog from April 15th to see all the benefits of dry brushing

Go straight to Booking to ensure a spot

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