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Recent Oncology massage News

Oncology massage and Nordic house Spa goes hand in hand, and we are so pleased that Dignity Health has accepted us aboard their cancer care team.

Miechelle, the owner and a California Certified massage therapist and specially trained oncology massage therapist, has gone into contract with the Dignity Health group to provide hand and foot massages for Cancer patients at Mercy San Juan and Mercy General’s infusion centers.

It’s an exciting time in Oncology massage in NorCal and we are happy that Dignity Health is willing to invest in the comforting patient care that massage therapist can provide.

At first this service will be on a trial basis and therefore we will invite the recipients to answer a survey, so we can document any positive or negative influence massage may have of their experience. We will keep you posted on the dates and times Massage will be provided at San Juan and Mercy Gen.

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