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The Benefits of a Body Scrub

Want to treat your skin well? Try a body scrub! Body scrubs are a healthy way to rejuvenate your skin and make it look its best. They involve scrubbing the body with either a brush or a paste, which feels and smells great and leaves you looking fine!

The body is constantly making new skin cells and shedding the old ones. To give this process a boost, body scrubs exfoliate your skin, giving you a healthy glow. In addition to sloughing off dead skin, the rubbing action of a body scrub boosts circulation. By increasing blood flow to the skin's surface, it helps drain your lymph nodes.

Not only are body scrubs good for the skin and circulation—they feel great and ground you in physical sensation. During a body scrub is a great time to live in the moment, be mindful of the texture against your skin and the scent of oils and moisturizers that are being used. The physical sensations allow you to be present, and to let go of the troubles that exist outside of your body.

We offer three types of body scrubs at Nordic House Spa: dry brushing, sugar or salt scrubs, and oatmeal scrubs.

Dry brushing involves rubbing the skin with a dry brush. It is particularly good for supporting your lymphatic system. It is good for sensitive skin, though the hemp or boar-bristle brushes can feel abrasive. Dry brushing is often seen in Ayurvedic treatments, and is typically combined with an essential oil massage. If you book a dry brush body scrub with Nordic House Spa, you will get your very own dry brush, which you can take home or leave at the spa for your future sessions.

Sugar or salt scrubs involve rubbing the body with a paste made primarily of sugar or salt combined with scented oils. The granules of sugar or salt are what exfoliates the skin, the oil moisturizes, and the scent leaves you feeling luxurious and rejuvenated. When choosing a body scrub, it is good to remember that the granules of sugar and salt are big, and can feel harsh to your skin. Salt scrubs are more detoxifying. Sugar acts as a hydrating agent and doesn't sting in small cuts, though if you do have any small skin injuries it is best to tell your therapist so they can avoid that area.

Oatmeal scrubs are the best scrub for sensitive skin, and have been used in natural remedies to treat acne, dry, itchy or irritated skin, and as a natural cleansing agent. Here at Nordic House Spa, we make our oatmeal scrub mixture in-house! Our recipe includes sour cream, oatmeal, and rice bean oil. Oatmeal soaks up excessive oil on the skin and is a non-abrasive exfoliant. Oatmeal contains antioxidants that sooth inflammation as well as moisturizing the skin. Oatmeal scrubs can be messy, and do not have the same exfoliating power as sugar, salt, or dry brushing.

We hope to see you soon! Book a body scrub here.

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