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Welcome to 2020, everyone!

And welcome to some new and exciting features here at Nordic house Spa.

After completing Norton’s School of Lymphedema Comprehensive CDT Program (complete decongestive therapy), we are now able to offer an array of new services.

Manual lymphatic draining

  • For a non-compromised system where the recipient wishes to aid the system to rid the body of toxins and boost immune function.

  • For cancer survivors at risk of lymphedema who wishes to keep their lymphatic system running optimal and with a little boost.

  • For Lymphedema patients in need of draining.

We will also be offering full CDT intensive phase with bandaging and maintenance phase guidance.

We do not work with insurance, so this will be out of pocket.

This may be right for you if your co-pay is high or if your insurance won’t cover your CDT.

Please check our new updated website for more comprehensive information.

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