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What is S4OM?

As an Oncology Massage Therapist I have opted to be a member of Society for Oncology massage, I find that being a member of a professional association that specializes just like me, with Oncology is very beneficial o my practice. I’d like to share with all of you a little about S4OM and what they do.

The Society for Oncology Massage (S4OM) is a non-profit whose mission is to support the safe

delivery of massage to people who have been diagnosed with cancer, to promote an oncology massage education standard, and to collaborate in research. S4OM addresses the varying needs of massage therapists, consumers, and health professionals, and provides resources for advancing the knowledge and understanding of oncology massage. They are an incredible resource for finding certified oncology massage therapists, and they help connect people with the services they need in order to ease the journey through cancer.

S4OM is a multifaceted organization. They work to educate a wide variety of people so that those affected by cancer are aware of the therapeutic benefit of properly adapted massage. They work with massage therapists to expand the availability of qualified oncology massage therapy. They advocate for a high standard of care in this emerging field, and they facilitate training in the basics of oncology massage for all massage therapists. S4OM is dedicated to developing a community of oncology massage therapists, and providing a forum where such professionals can communicate with one another. They are also dedicated to educating the medical community and the public about the importance of proper training for oncology massage therapists.

S4OM is an incredible resource! Truly, they meet their goal of providing information and connections to a wide variety of people who need to know the what, why, and where of oncology massage. If you visit an oncology-trained massage therapist who is a member of S4OM, you can rest assured that their education and credentials are held to the highest standard. Using their easy-to-navigate website, you can find a therapist, get your questions (and those of your friends and family) answered, and even see testimonials from patients. With S4OM, you are in good hands.

You can visit there website here

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