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Will the massage hurt?

Ask A Massage Therapist- Monthly Question

Massage should never hurt!

The theory behind massage is that the pressure and movement separates muscle tissues that have wrongly become knotted together so that the tissues can heal back in healthy parallel lines. When a therapist uses more pressure, they are trying to get to deeper layers of muscles.

Please communicate with your therapist if you are experiencing discomfort!

If it hurts, that doesn’t mean you’re getting a “better” massage; think of it like over-exercising. A healthy workout might leave you sore for a day or two, but overworking your body will have you recovery time prolonged and unable to exercise for a week. Similarly, you want the massage to be strong enough to break up muscle knots, but not so strong that you create new damage in your body.

Stretching should not hurt either, not in the muscles and not in the joints. The key is to communicate with your massage therapist—they will appreciate your feedback!

If you’d like to ask a question about massage therapy, please submit it to or head over to our FB or IG page @NordicHouseSpa to ask and we will do our best to answer it in a later post!

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